why choice fridge magnet!!!

      What is a magnet on the fridge? Effective advertising tool? Beautiful trinket, which throw a pity? Decorative interior elements, enabling close scrapes of household appliances? All true. However, there is still something.

     Recently, fridge magnets have been the subject of passion many collectors around the world. Memomagnetika - collecting refrigerator magnets. Today memomagnetika - this is a hobby so many people. Memomagnetiki already have their own community, both in the virtual space and in reality.

     The question is "what makes a simple magnet on the fridge so attractive a subject for collectors?".

     It turns out that the whole thing in psychology. 

      Psychologists believe that the subconscious craving for collecting is absolutely all people, and it manifests itself in childhood. As you know, in the pockets of Tom Sawyer, which just was not even there was a dead rat. Similarly to behave all the children. They collect all that "bad lies": candy wrappers, calendars, nails, corks. Why is it not known exactly, because people did not come from whites, who loves to make stock.

      Over the years, want to collect everything that comes to hand people have lost, but not all. Someone on the contrary shows a real passion for collecting. But where does the magnets on the fridge? But with.

      In adults, collecting related to satisfaction of several requirements.

      1. Need to stay young. Stored in love old things allow a person to think that the time of their creation went nowhere, and, therefore, it is not old. 

      2. The need for security in the future. Collection of various knick-knacks - a kind of reserve for a rainy day, "maybe useful."

      3. The need to communicate. By collecting various objects, people familiar with the "brothers on reason". Such communication often turns into a real friendship.

      4. Need to escape from the present day. Doing something, in general, useless, but fascinating, people stopped thinking about these issues.

      Obviously, fridge magnets satisfy at least three requirements from the list. 

      Magnets enliven the past, because most people collect magnets, which can print photos of the places where he recently visited. Not so long ago for this purpose are often used philocarty bought in the cities visited. Today, however, due to the rapid development of photography and the possibility to print digital photos directly on the magnets, postcards, gradually fading. 

      Magnets can help people communicate, for good reason in the world today there are many communities memomagnetikov. And, of course, the magnets help people forget about everyday worries and cares, and at least a little to relieve stress.

      Perhaps, the only need which the magnets are not satisfied - it's delaying supplies in reserve. Fridge magnets have such a low price, which is highly unlikely that they ever be able to sell at a high cost. But on the other hand, it is a good thing. For afford to collect labels from French wines can only wealthy people, but collecting magnets available to everyone.