Bring a travel magnets!!!

     Probably many of you have a  travel to bring the magnets on the fridge?
     But how much do you know about their history? But how much do you know about their history? 

 The invention of refrigerator magnets

     The invention of a thing and the assignment of this invention, one man is a convention and, as a rule, this convention is fixed by the patent. In November 1954 John E. Whitley (John E. Wheatley) obtained a patent on the idea of ??using a magnet as the holder of light objects (such as securities) on metal surfaces. 
The appearance of refrigerator magnets can be divided into two main areas. 

       The first direction can be conventionally divided into three sub-clusters. 
       Firstly, the most pragmatic reason is the emergence of small defects (dents, scratches), which strikes the eye on the white refrigerator. However, the high cost of a refrigerator is not allowed to replace him because of such defects and buy a new one.
Second, this worldly reason is connected with leaving messages for family members to the notes. The most convenient location of such notes was the refrigerator. Third, it's an aesthetic reason related to customizing the interior kitchen. 
     This is reflected in the decoration of kitchen appliances (including refrigerator), different images (photos, clippings from magazines, children's drawings, etc.). 
 In all three cases, images or notes attached with glue or tape, it looked not always aesthetically pleasing and it was uncomfortable.

     The second direction is connected with the signs on the magnetic base that attaches to vehicles instead of applying paint logos. Signs of activity symbolized by the car when it was used on official business (furniture delivery, courier, etc.). 

     Most likely, the merger of these areas and led to such products as the magnet on the refrigerator. Thus, the opportunity to conveniently and simply decorate the home appliances (refrigerators, initially). This is one of the main features of the magnet on the fridge. In line with this development has created prerequisites for the emergence of refrigerator magnets as souvenirs. So the refrigerator magnets are a popular souvenir for tourists from different countries, along with wall plates, key rings and other souvenirs and tourist products.

     In addition, in these days of the magnets are also popular advertising medium. Entrepreneurs in North America and Europe, almost immediately after the magnets on the refrigerator and saw that with the help they can carry out an inexpensive and effective advertising goods or services. So advertising has become the second major function of the refrigerator magnets Among the methods of distribution of promotional magnets are: to distribute promotions, investment in product packaging, etc.

     The next stage in the development of magnets on the refrigerator is a branch of the hobby as "Magnetic Poetry", whose meaning is reduced to the compilation of verses or sayings by repose, from the presented set of words on a magnetic base

      Due to the fact that the fridge magnets have become quite popular, they have been collecting.
 At the present time to refer to collecting magnets there is no official name (such as "philately" or "numismatics"), but lately among collectors in online communities is introduced in the use of the word "Memomagnetika"

World record
     Record the number of assembled magnets belongs amerkanke Louise Grinfarb of Henderson (a suburb of Las Vegas, Nevada). Her record for 1997 was 19.300 and the magnets were made in the  "Guinness Book of Records"
     According to the British "Book of Alternative Records" in February 2002 in her collection was 29,000 magnets, and currently has more than 30.000.
Louise Grinfarb acquired the nickname "Lady Magnet" (Eng. The Magnet Lady. 7,000 of the magnets are on display in Las Vegas Museum of Guinness. Are you going to magnets?

    Are you going to magnets? On what basis do you select them? On what basis do you select them?